Our Regional Assets

Central location helps East Bay businesses grow

The East Bay provides some of the nation's most commuter- and logistics-friendly locations. It offers the best access to the Bay Area's Interstate freeway network and heavy rail commuter system while the Oakland International Airport offer many air transportation options for national and international business commuters.

What drives our economy

  • Every year, since 2007, East Bay companies have attracted over $1 billion in venture capital, annually placing it among the top four states in the country.
  • Among other industries, venture investors appear to especially favor innovative East Bay companies in biotechnology, medical devices, alternative energy and semiconductors.
  • The collective estimated annual operating budget at UC Berkeley and our three National Laboratories is close to $3 billion annually. The extent of this activity creates a large pool of graduates and researchers who confer their knowledge of the latest technologies and research findings as they find jobs in the private sector and promote technology transfer.
  • Public policy and a consumer base of early adapters have made the East Bay one of the nation's most receptive markets for alternative energy and clean technology.
  • Startups benefit from the fact that the East Bay is home to the Keiretsu Forum, the nation's largest angel investor network.


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