East Bay EDA invites our members and affiliates to join us in taking the clean air pledge for the 4th Annual California Clean Air Day. The pledge is a commitment by individuals and organizations to take simple actions to help clear the air in their community. Last year more than 500 corporate, government and nonprofit partners across California took part.

There is no cost to participate and every organization who signs up to participate gets listed on the website. In addition, the clean air pledge is a great way to remind employees and or customers that their personal actions make a big difference in local air quality. Clean Air Day is a positive way to engage around an issue that is increasingly on the top of mind for an increasing number of Bay Area residents. Encouraging and inspiring individuals to take simple but effective steps to protect their health and improve air quality is an important first step to building life-long habits.

Join us and sign up today here and check out this five minute video on how you can get the most of #CleanAirDayCA. Your participation will be part of the expected 500 partners as we take collective action on October 6, 2021.

Having trouble recruiting Millennials and Gen-Z? A recent survey of professionals under 40 found that 64% of young people will only work for businesses involved in social responsibility programs. Why not start with California Clean Air Day?