It is easy to spot electric vehicles when driving around Fremont. On an average day, it is common to see the latest EV models from Tesla, Rivian, and Lucid, and Hyundai on local streets. Seeing so many EVs on the road is not only a sign of how this former bedroom community in Southern Alameda County has transformed itself to lead the nation in the production of zero-emission vehicles, few people are aware that it is also home to many innovative battery manufacturing companies. One of the companies at the forefront of this movement is Enovix, a leader in advanced silicon-anode lithium-ion battery development and production.

Founded in 2007, Fremont-based Enovix is part of the region’s rapidly growing cluster of innovative cleantech businesses. What sets Enovix apart from other battery makers is how the company has replaced the legacy wound design with laser-generated 3D architecture. Measuring no more than a few inches across, these batteries deliver up to double the energy density than cells in several categories of currently available consumer electronics – and they are designed and made in the East Bay!

In December 2022, East Bay EDA hosted an invitation-only tour of Enovix’s Fab 1 manufacturing facility in partnership with the City of Fremont. This curated, exclusive experience offered East Bay EDA members and leadership an inside look at the technology that is helping to power everything from electric vehicles to consumer electronics. Our tour was welcomed by Harrold Rust, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, who provided an overview of the company’s history and explained their signature 3D cell architecture which increases energy density and maintains high cycle life. After the presentation we got to see the unique processes and production that the now publicly-traded company is developing for markets.

According to Fremont Mayor Lily Mei, “Fremont leads the nation in battery innovation and manufacturing with the growth and success of industry leaders like Enovix – a testament to the benefits of supporting our local companies pushing toward a future powered by clean energy. Our city is proud to be home to a unique ecosystem to companies like Enovix, one of the few companies that manufactures its battery cells in the US – specifically at its lithium-ion battery production facility in Fremont – as their technology furthers the widespread utilization of renewable energy.”

Our region is helping to create a sustainable future by leading the nation in supporting advanced industries’ needs for robust supply chains, developing a skilled labor force, and crafting supportive land use and zoning policies. As made-in-the-USA supply chains for EVs and batteries continue to scale, innovative companies like Enovix are poised to lead the next cleantech revolution in the East Bay and across the globe. In addition to being a 2021 East Bay Innovation Awards Finalist, Enovix was also named as an Innovation Awards Honoree at the world-renowned 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). We invite you to become a member of East Bay EDA and help us as we continue to advocate for investments and policy solutions that will continue to help move the East Bay forward.