In September 2021, East Bay EDA released East Bay Forward, a regional economic assessment and roadmap for economic recovery focused on strategic priorities that are intended to spur long-term growth that is more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable. Underpinning these strategies are six guiding principles that were developed with extensive input from diverse East Bay stakeholders, including business and nonprofit leaders, education professionals, elected officials, local governments, and community leaders across the region.

As federal and state investments flow into East Bay communities to tackle myriad needs and challenges wrought by the pandemic, the following six principles set forth in East Bay Forward will help leaders and organizations stay agile, effective, and impactful during these times of continued uncertainty and change.

1. Connected. Many of our region’s greatest challenges are inextricably linked, requiring coordinated regional advocacy, as well as policy actions and investments that address multiple challenges and deliver shared benefits.

2. Equitable. An equity-first approach ensures that current and future generations will achieve meaningful economic inclusion, access to opportunity, and upward mobility. Advancing equitable economic development means greater accountability in policies, strategies, and investments that will dismantle barriers and expand economic opportunities for low-income people and communities of color.

3. Measurable. For our region to move forward, we need to be able to measure meaningful indicators and outcomes indicating how we are doing with accomplishing our goals. This requires collecting, analyzing, and evaluating metrics to better understand any socioeconomic disparities and help target strategies to places and people.

4. Regenerative. Supporting clean and renewable investments to support the just transition to a dynamic, healthy, and circular economy has immense potential to drive innovation and growth, as well as yield economic, environmental, and community benefits.

5. Resilient. From destructive wildfires to future public health crises, there is an urgent need to mobilize and prepare for complex, intersecting disasters and to future-proof our physical and human assets to provide maximum resilience against ongoing and future challenges.

6. Transformational. Public and private investment must focus on dismantling barriers and creating opportunities for long-term and systemic solutions; it is imperative that we do more than promote incremental change.

Download the East Bay Forward publication, explore individual chapters, and navigate the six guiding principles on our research page.