At the end of last year, East Bay EDA began the process to refresh and modernize our visual identity and brand. After soliciting requests for proposals (RFPs) and submissions from several highly qualified local design firms, East Bay EDA selected Bombilla, an Oakland based “branding & design agency on a mission to spark change through creativity, collaboration, and community.”

Our work with Bombilla included identifying the elements that best represent East Bay EDA, while keeping our brand recognizable and core to our mission as the regional voice and networking resource for strengthening the economy, building the workforce and enhancing the quality of life in the East Bay. The great team at Bombilla helped us define what makes us stand out while still representing our members, partners, and the region.

In the coming weeks we will be updating our visual identity on our website, materials, and across all our channels. Please use the links below to download our logo suite and refer to the style guide for correct logo best practices and placement. Use of the East Bay EDA logo is subject to review, If you need alternate sizes, resolutions, or have questions about usage, please contact us at

Logo: The Eastbay EDA logo visually ties to our organization mission to enhance the local economy and its communities. The pairing of the icon and the large display of the name communicates our dedication to the Bay Area region and our diverse network of businesses. It also creates a complimentary visual combination of business and community development.

Color Palette: The color palette is a set of specific colors that visually connects to our brand personality, assisting to communicate our brand identity. The East Bay EDA color palette reflects the work we do for the betterment of the Bay Area, visually communicating economic development, community, diversity, dependability, and the power of an alliance.

Typography: Our brand typography is essential to our brand expression. It’s how we convey the East Bay EDA brand personality and brand messaging through type and letterform.