With Hispanic Heritage Month in full swing, we pay tribute to the legacy of Latinx entrepreneurship and industry across our region. The East Bay has a long history of business ownership and workers from Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean to name a few. The cross-section of African, Indigenous, and Mestizo traditions have added color, culture, and beauty to many of our neighborhoods and communities. Predominately Latinx neighborhoods like Fruitvale in Oakland, Monument in Concord, and Tennyson in South Hayward have also grown to become incubators for enterprise and upward mobility for business leaders.

As with other populations of color, the coronavirus pandemic has had a disproportionate impact on Latinx workers across the U.S. and those who call the East Bay home. From business closures to lost wages, the data paints a bleak picture, particularly for women who have experienced the highest unemployment. Equally, the Latinx workforce has played a bigger role as essential workers in sectors like food service, construction, and retail. In the face of these challenges, Latinx entrepreneurs and workers continue to be innovative, resilient, and adaptive to the challenges of the pandemic. We commend these efforts and encourage Federal and State recovery initiatives that are inclusive and accessible to the Latinx community.

This Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15) and beyond, we encourage our members and community to continue to shop at and support Latinx owned establishments in the East Bay and the greater Bay Area. Whether discovered through word of mouth, local chambers of commerce, or the East Bay Book of Lists, your support makes a difference for Latinx business. Do the Bay has compiled a comprehensive list of well-known Latinx businesses across the Bay Area in categories that include food, beverage, art, and more. Visit the list today to discover a hidden gem near you.

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